The ApeSwap users stats page, aka ApeStats, allows you to view information regarding your holdings across ApeSwap's various DeFi products. This page is powered and built by Pacoca - to see your full portfolio, visit
NOTE: ApeStats only provides information about one wallet at time. If you have multiple wallets, make sure that you're connected with the wallet that you'd like to review when using ApeStats.
The ApeStats page displays the following information on the main banner at all times:
  • Total Holdings - Current USD value of staked tokens plus pending rewards across all ApeSwap products, including Staking Pools, Yield Farms, Maximizers, and the ApeSwap Lending Network for the connected wallet.
  • Wallet Balance - Number of BANANA tokens currently held in the connected wallet.
  • Total Staked - Current USD value of staked tokens across all ApeSwap products for the connected wallet.
  • Pending Rewards - Current USD value of pending, unclaimed rewards across all ApeSwap products for the connected wallet.
The ApeStats page also has three main tabs: Portfolio, Analytics and NFT.


The Portfolio tab provides a more detailed overview of the products that a user is currently using to stake tokens. Users can review the Staking Pools, Yield Farms, Lending Network, and Maximizer sections to view the pools, farms, lending markets, and maximizers that they're actively using.
Each section shows a summary of the applicable products, with balances and earning information for each individual pool, farm, lending market, and maximizer. The total USD amount currently staked in each product type, along with the current USD amount of pending, unclaimed rewards, can be viewed in the top right corner of each section. Users can collapse and expand each product section using the arrow next to these values.


The Analytics tab offers a high-level overview of the connected wallet's current distribution of staked tokens across each product type. The Analytics tab has four sections: TVL Breakdown, Projected Earnings, Asset Breakdown, and Vested Earnings.
  • TVL Breakdown - Graph and table display of the amounts and percentages of the connected wallet's staked holdings, relative to total amount of staked tokens (note: this does not include pending, unclaimed rewards).
  • Projected Earnings - Tables showing projected earnings both in total across all products and by product. These projected earnings are calculated at current, real-time market rates, which are not guaranteed and are intended for illustrative purposes only.
  • Asset Breakdown - A list of assets held in the connected wallet, including balances and USD value by token.
  • Vested Earnings - A list of vesting assets (e.g., Treasury Bills or IAO contributions) that shows the time remaining in the vesting period by asset, along with the claimable tokens associated with each asset.


The NFT tab displays each of the ApeSwap NFTs held in the connected wallet, including Non Fungible Apes, Non Fungible Bananas, and ApeSwap Bond NFTs.
Users can search for a specific NFT or filter your collection by NFT type using the search/filter bar at the top of the page. The Marketplace link takes you to the NFA collection on NFTKey where users can view available NFAs.