Limit Orders

In addition to allowing users to trade crypto tokens at current market prices, the ApeSwap DEX also offers limit orders, powered by the Autonomy Network.

How Limit Orders Work

Limit orders allow users to set up a conditional trade that only executes once the price of the input asset reaches a specific price (or "limit") relative to the output asset. Generally, users set limit orders so that they execute when the price of the output asset they're looking to swap into is lower than it is at the time they set the order, ensuring they receive more of the output asset for the amount of input assets they'd like to trade.
When entering limit orders on the ApeSwap DEX, users select an input asset, and output asset, and a limit price for the output asset. The DEX will keep the position open until the price of the output asset reaches the limit set by the user, at which point the trade will execute automatically.

About Autonomy

Autonomy Network is a decentralized automation protocol that allows dapps to have transactions automatically execute in the future under arbitrary conditions. It's an infrastructure service, and a tool, that allows anyone to automate any on-chain action with any on-chain condition. A blog post giving a simple overview of Autonomy and each component can be found here.