Protocol Data

The ApeSwap Protocol Dashboard provides a transparent overview of a variety of key metrics that represent the state of ApeSwap at any given time. The dashboard has three main tabs: Overview, Treasury, and Products.


The Overview tab aims to give an at-a-glance snapshot of the protocol, broken down into five sections: TVL Breakdown, Projected Earnings, Asset Breakdown, and Vested Earnings.
  • Total Value Locked - Current USD value of the assets locked (staked/lent) across all of ApeSwap's products (farms, pools, lending network, maximizers, etc).
  • Total Trade Volume - Aggregate USD value of the volume of swaps performed on the ApeSwap DEX over time.
  • Market Cap to TVL Ratio - Current ratio of market cap (current BANANA supply * current BANANA price) to TVL (described above).
  • BANANA Supply Distribution - Breakdown of the various places the BANANA supply is currently held.
  • Protocol Metrics - Current and historical values of BANANA market cap (in USD), aggregate amount of BANANA burned (in number of BANANA tokens), and current protocol-owned liquidity (in USD).


The Treasury tab focuses on the current and historical state of the ApeSwap Treasury. The top graph shows the USD value of the portion of the Treasury designated for Operational Funds, as well as the aggregate USD value of the Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL) held in the ApeSwap Treasury.
The Treasury Breakdown section has three tabs: Treasury, Op Funds, and POL.
  • Treasury - Current USD value of all Treasury funds, broken down by asset type and chain.
  • Op. Funds - Current USD value of Operational Funds, broken down by asset type and chain.
  • POL - Current USD value of Protocol-Owned Liquidity, broken down by LP type and chain.


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