ApeSwap provides fundraising capabilities to crypto projects through ApeSwap Bonds and Initial Ape Offerings (IAOs).

ApeSwap Bonds

Bonds offer users who provide liquidity to the ApeSwap DEX the opportunity to acquire BANANA or partner project tokesn at a potentially discounted rate in exchange for their LP tokens. In turn, Bond purchases also get a one-of-a-kind NFT, which can be held or transferred to other users.
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How Official IAOs Work

Offerings are a way for crypto projects to raise capital by crowdsourcing capital commitments from ApeSwap users. Partners that launch an Official IAO with ApeSwap set a target raise amount for BNB and GNANA.
ApeSwap carefully selects a limited number of qualified projects among those that apply to sponsor as Official IAO partners. These partners receive ApeSwap marketing support and access to the BNB raised to kickstart their growth on BNB Chain.
Participants in IAOs receive tokens from the project in exchange for the commitment of their BNB or GNANA tokens. By committing capital to an IAO, users are effectively buying the project tokens with their BNB (or GNANA). These partner tokens vest linearly over a certain period of time determined by the project.
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