How To Participate In An Official IAO

Follow the steps below to participate in an Official IAO:

Commit BNB or GNANA Tokens

1) Connect your wallet to ApeSwap (for instructions, visit the How to Connect Your Wallet page).
2) Hover over Raise in the nav bar, and then click Official IAO to visit our Official IAO page.
3) While the sale is live, commit your BNB or GNANA to buy the IAO tokens.
NOTE: You are purchasing the IAO partner tokens with your tokens. This is not the same as "staking" where you get the input tokens back.

Claim Vested Partner Tokens

4) Immediately after the sale, you may claim 25% of your token allotment, along with your overflow BNB and/or GNANA.
5) The remaining 75% of your token allotment vests linearly over a certain time period from the end of the sale, stipulated by the project. Your allotment becomes available in proportional increments each block, and you can claim newly available tokens from your allotment at any time.