Q: Are SS-IAOs endorsed by ApeSwap?
A: No, nothing coming from the SS-IAO platform has been vetted or approved by ApeSwap. This is a purely decentralized service offering. Similar to how anyone can add liquidity to ApeSwap or any other DEX, we have NO control over who creates an SS-IAO.
Q: If I get into an SS-IAO and the project does not deliver or is a scam is it ApeSwapโ€™s fault?
A: NO โ€“ Do your own research (DYOR). And if you want to ensure safety, stick to our normal IAOs which have passed all due diligence, or stick to tokens we have listed on the front end (i.e., they show up on the token list on ApeSwapโ€™s swap page, and you do not have to import the token).
Q: But ser, the SS-IAOs are on your platform, why is this my responsibility?
A: We believe in the power of decentralization. The entire purpose of decentralization is to put power BACK in the hands of the users. You are responsible for your own private keys, and no one is forcing you or asking you to participate in ANYTHING. You need to be comfortable with the risks and the decisions you make. Take ownership and please DYOR.
Q: How much does it cost to create an SS-IAO?
A: ApeSwap has elected to start with a 10 BNB paywall to decrease spam coming through the SS-IAO platform. This is meant to be a premier self-serve launchpad. We reserve the right to change the paywall of the SS-IAO.
Q: My raise did not meet my soft cap, can I have my 10 BNB back?
A: No, you paid to use this service. It is not our responsibility you did not meet the raise target that you chose to set.
Q: Are there any other fees associated with an SS-IAO?
A: Yes. ApeSwap keeps 1.5% of the tokens being sold and 1.5% of the total funds raised, which are added to the ApeSwap treasury.
Q: Why canโ€™t I launch an IAO sooner than 10 days of deploying my SS-IAO?
A: We want to ensure all apes have ample chance to DYOR, for RugDoc to be able to scan the token, and for users to chat in the respective Reddit thread.
Q: Will ApeSwap market my SS-IAO?
A: No, this is a fully decentralized service and ApeSwap only markets projects that are listed on the front end of our DEX swap page as that means they have passed our DD process. SS-IAO projects do get priority when we consider potential listings, so show us you want to join the family and take the first step by successfully launching on ApeSwap yourself!
Q: Is participating in SS-IAOs risky?
A: Yes, but you can mitigate a vast majority of that risk if you effectively DYOR. ApeSwap has geared its users up with all the best practices our due diligence team goes through when listing a token here:
Self-Serve IAOs: How to DYOR ๐Ÿง
Q: As a project looking to launch my own SS-IAO, any recommendations on how to attract participants?
A: Of course! Alpha Rho has also geared projects up for success. See here on best practices you should adhere to before launching your SS-IAO here!
Self-Serve IAOs: Best Practices on How to Attract Apes ๐Ÿ’ฐ
Q: As an ape looking to participate in SS-IAOs, any recommendations on how to DYOR?
A: Absolutely! Alpha Rho, our head of DD at ApeSwap, has put together a guide for you on exactly what to look for. Read it here!
Self-Serve IAOs: How to DYOR ๐Ÿง
Q: What are the โ€˜DYOR Badgesโ€™ on each SS-IAO?
A: The โ€˜DYOR Badgesโ€™ represent best practices every project should adhere to. There are currently three badges that every project can earn, including the Security, RugDoc, and KYC DYOR Badges. Learn more about DYOR Badges here:
Q: Will NFA holders get airdrops?
A: No, airdrops are a special and extra gift from IAO projects and should not even be expected in the first place. They are not a right or a guarantee in any capacity. Also, this is a self-serve product. We have ZERO control over what the projects do to market.
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