Initial Ape Offerings (IAOs)
Everything you need to know about IAOs

Getting Started with IAOs

An Initial Ape Offering (IAO) is a fundraising vehicle utilized to launch new tokens and bring liquidity to those tokens. In general, you need GNANA or BNB to participate in an IAO. Essentially you are trading those LPs for the token being launched.
In an IAO, the project gets the BNB, ApeSwap burns the GNANA.

How to participate in an IAO

To participate in an IAO and see which are coming up, visit ApeSwap.Finance/IAO.
To get prepared for the sale:
    Acquire GNANA or BNB
What to do during the sale:
    While the sale is live, commit your BNB or GNANA to buy the IAO tokens. You are purchasing the tokens with your tokens. This is not the same as "staking". You will not get all or any of your funds back.
What to do after the sale:
    Immediately after sale: You may claim your refund and 25% of your offering tokens
    30 days after sale: You may claim another 25% of your offering tokens
    60 days after sale: You may claim another 25% of your offering tokens
    90 days after sale: You may claim the final 25% of your offering tokens

Why $GNANA for an IAO?

Golden BANANA is actually a more efficient model and helps mitigate some of the whale problem by utilizing the unique attributes of GNANA. Since you get 1.38x purchasing power with GNANA (relative to BANANA) it helps incentivize and reward GNANA holders and mitigate whale action, as whales are penalized when hopping in and out of GNANA.

What is the “Overflow” sale method?

TLDR: Basically, the more you put in, the more you will get, and you’ll get back anything that doesn’t get spent.
In the “Overflow” method, users can subscribe as much or as little as they want to the IAO, and their final allocation will be based on the amount of funds they put in as a percentage of all funds put in by other users at the time the sale ends. Users will receive back any leftover funds when they claim their tokens after the sale.
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