GNANA Utility

Passive Farming

If you hold GNANA in your wallet, you will passively farm rewards in the form of reflect fees proportional to the amount of GNANA held when other users transfer or stake GNANA.


GNANA serves as the core governance token of ApeSwap. The ability of users to vote on ApeSwap governance proposals is determined by the amount of GNANA held in a user's wallet at the time of a particular snapshot.
NOTE: this does not include any GNANA staked in GNANA Staking Pools at the time of the snapshot, so be sure to unstake your GNANA prior to a snapshot if you want to participate in governance voting!
For more information, visit our Governance page.

Exclusive Staking Pool Access

ApeSwap offers dozens of special GNANA Staking Pools that allow users to stake GNANA to earn partner tokens at competitive APRs. These pools require users to stake GNANA instead of BANANA - we even offer a perpetual "Stake GNANA, Earn BANANA" pool that allows users to earn BANANA by staking GNANA.
NOTE: GNANA staked in Staking Pools at the time of a voting snapshot is not counted towards a user's GNANA holdings for the purposes of governance.

Exclusive IAO Access

GNANA holders gain access to exclusive token allocations for Initial Ape Offerings. All GNANA raised from the GNANA portion of an IAO is converted to BANANA and then burned, benefitting the ApeSwap ecosystem as a whole. Thanks to their exclusivity, GNANA IAO allocations also tend to be less oversubscribed than BNB IAO allocations, offering GNANA holders a more competitive token allocation in the event of an oversubscribed IAO.