February 13th: ApeSwap goes live with a $25k investment from five founders
February 15th: $10M TVL
March 11th: First Initial Ape Offering announcement
April 8th: First NFA Sale
April 22nd: GNANA goes live
April 27th: $100M TVL
June 21st: ApeSwap launches on Polygon
July 9th: Twitter verified the official @ape_swap account
July 17th: First Governance vote
July 30th: MVBII Winner
September 2nd: CZ mentions ApeSwap at 1 Year of BSC Celebration
October 2nd: Colossal Ape NFA sells for 326.969 BNB
November 22nd: ApeSwap Lending Network Beta launches


January 24th: First public team meeting February 13th: First Anniversary April 12th: Sale of first Treasury Bill