SS-IAO Badges
ApeSwap offers several DYOR Badges that projects can earn to elevate their raise and show that they prioritize safety and security. Below is a breakdown of all the available โ€˜DYOR badgesโ€™:
Security DYOR Badge
This badge is for those who can prove they take the highest level of security into consideration. To earn this badge, you must prove you have all non-SS-IAO tokens vested in smart contracts. Additionally, you need to be able to show a clean audit with all material risks resolved.
RugDoc DYOR Badge
Every project will have a RugDoc badge. This will come with a risk rating of your token contract and link to her review. To get your RugDoc badge, go to the RugDoc Telegram and request a token review.
RugDoc Chat READ GROUP INFO. Trust no one but the code.
Work with RugDoc to complete KYC. This information is stored with a third party, and never publicized. See all the details here on how to go through the KYC process and take your project to the next level on mitigating rug risk! More information on our KYC process can be found hereโ€‹
RugDoc's KYC Process, Explained

Additional Recommendations

  1. 1.
    Have everything ready to go before you launch your SS-IAO. Once you launch a raise, you cannot change anything or adjust the date.
  2. 2.
    Start working with the ApeSwap team before you launch your SS-IAO. You can begin building a relationship with the team and checking the boxes to get listed on the front end shortly after you finish your raise!
  3. 3.
    Answer questions in the Reddit thread to show off your project and clear any FUD.
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