Telos Farms

How Telos Farms Work

The Yield Farms available on the Telos network are primarily Jungle Farms. Similar to Jungle Farms on BNB Chain, Telos Farms allow a user to stake an LP and then receive partner tokens as a reward.
First, users will need to add liquidity on the Telos network to acquire APE-LPs.
As of the launch of the Telos network on ApeSwap, five Telos Farms will be available for staking:
  • Stake USDC-TLOS LPs, Earn TLOS
  • Stake ETH-TLOS LPs, Earn TLOS
  • Stake USDT-TLOS LPs, Earn TLOS
  • Stake BTC-TLOS LPs, Earn TLOS
  • Stake BANANA-TLOS LPs, Earn TLOS
Follow the How to Yield Farm guide to learn how to stake your LPs in Telos Farms.