Ape-ing into Decentralization 🐵
Governance Overview 🗳
As originally proposed, ApeSwap Governance is planned to revolve around our most essential long-term community members — those who hold GNANA.
Specifically, here’s the TDLR on how ApeSwap Governance will work:
    GNANA will be the token that dictates a user’s ability to vote. Each GNANA owned by an address counts as one vote for any given proposal.
    GNANA must be actively held in the wallet to have voting power, staking in pools will not enable users to vote with that GNANA.
    Two types of proposals can be made: ApeSwap Core and Community. ApeSwap Core proposals are made by the ApeSwap team. Community proposals can be made by anyone holding 2,500 GNANA or more in a single wallet.
    We require a minimum quorum of 4% of the circulating GNANA supply for a proposal’s results to be honored.
    We require a supermajority of 50%+ votes towards one proposal option for results to be honored.
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