How GNANA Voting Works

All you need to know about voting with GNANA 🍌

GNANA Voting Overview

ApeSwap Governance uses a technology called Snapshot to facilitate the voting process for governance. When a new proposal is created, several core elements are provided for that proposal.

  1. Snapshot Block - This is the BSC block in which a single "snapshot" of GNANA holdings are captured. This snapshot captures each addresses voting power for a proposal at a single moment in time. This is the only block when GNANA must be in a users' wallet to allow them to vote on a proposal.

  2. Start Time - This is the time in which voting commences and GNANA holding addresses. Usually the Start Time will coincide with the Snapshot Block's timing, but not always.

  3. End Time - This is the time in which voting on a proposal concludes and a decision (or non-action) is derived from the results.

Important Note: GNANA must be in a users' wallet during a proposal's Snapshot Block for that wallet to have voting power during that proposal. Otherwise, you will not be able to vote.

Many users of GNANA will decide not to vote as they continue to stake in GNANA pools instead of moving them to their wallet, as they prioritize staking over voting in terms of utility.

Proposal Statuses

ApeSwap Governance Proposals have various statuses in which they can exist, dictating how you may interact with them. All of these statuses are dictated by the Start Time and End Time. Specifically, here are the statuses:

  • Pending - A proposal that has been created, but the Start Time as not occurred yet. These proposals cannot be voted upon.

  • Active - A proposal that can be actively voted on. Active proposals are between their Start Time and End Time.

  • Closed - A proposal that is past its End Time and a result has been determined. Once a proposal is closed, it cannot be voted upon.

How to Cast a Vote

During active proposals, users who had GNANA in their wallet during the Snapshot Block are eligible for voting. Each GNANA held at that time counts as 1 vote (with denominations as little as 0.01 GNANA).

Voting on Active proposals is very simple:

  1. Make sure your wallet is connected at

  2. Click on an Active proposal (please review the proposal details before voting!)

  3. Select your choice out of the options provided

  4. Press the "Vote" button

  5. Sign the a transaction to confirm your vote

Once your voting is completed, you must wait for the End Time to occur before a final decision is made from the proposal.

Key Takeaways

  • You MUST have your GNANA in your wallet during the "Snapshot Block" for you to utilize voting power with those GNANA.

    • If the GNANA are not in your wallet during the Snapshot Block, you do not have voting power for that GNANA.

  • Proposals require a Snapshot Block, Start Time, and End Time to be created

  • The majority of the time Snapshot Blocks will line up with the Start Time

    • Please note due to block time inconsistencies in BSC, sometimes we cannot predict the exact time a block will occur.

  • You can vote at Vote.ApeSwap.Finance

  • Proposals can have three statuses: Pending, Active, or Closed.